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Brigade gun holsters and accessories. We specialize in leather holsters, western holsters and concealed carry holsters. Our gun holsters are made from top grade leather superbly crafted to produce high quality custom leather holsters & accessories.Our Leather Gun Holsters Made in USA

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Frequently Asked Questions (common questions I get daily)
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Is each holster made to fit only a certain gun?
Each holster is cut, stitched, and molded precisely to fit only the gun model you select. I make truly custom holsters. Below you can click a link to view photos of holsters fitted precisely to various handguns. You will notice I stitch and form leather accurately and beautifully to the shape of the specific gun, never a generic fit like mass production techniques! Don't ge me wrong, there is a need for mass production but there is also a need for very high-end quality custom leather holsters and belts, and that is what I choose to do and I do it very well.
Leather holster gallery Photo Gallery

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Please call me if you have any additional quesitons or you may email me at Email contact
I prefer voice contact but understand that not everyone can call during business hours. If you leave a voicemail I will return your call as quick as I can.. My shop sometimes is loud and I don't hear the phone.

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Why can't you stock holsters?
This is an often asked question here is the best answer. It is not possible for me to stock everything I sell. Being a custom maker I face a different situation than mass production holster companies. I currently manufacture over 40 different styles of holsters, belts, and pouches, not to mention custom western gunleather, in our line of products. With different color choices and thread options and left and right variations and sued-lined options, exotic skins and fitting for over three hundred semi autos and revolvers, I would need to have well over 200,000 items in stock just to have ONE EXAMPLE of each; That is not possitle, period.... Please help me get to your order quicker with your kind patients and appreciating the nature of the process to produce ultra high quality leather holsters and belts that will last for many years to come.

What are your hours of operation?
My phone hours are from 9am - 5pm Central time. However, I actually work in the shop from 8am to midnight 7 days a week, absolutely never less than that. I put in so many hours that I basically have no life outside building and perfecting leather. If you need to speak with me on the phone after normal hours please leave me a voicmail and I will return your call. I have been know to call customers at 9pm their time.

Can I check my order status online?
Not at this time. Please know you are always welcome to email me or CALL me and check your status. I am a one man shop and my wait times vary based on simple vs complex orders or smaller vs larger orders. However, my typical wait times are estimated to be over 8 months at the moment for typical orders and I can't be more accurate than that right now with the high demand for quality leather. However, I will send you an email after the order is placed with an more accurate estimate based on your particular order. More complex orders have a longer wait time than just a concealed carry holster and belt. Please call me 888-600-2377 or email me with any questions. .Email contact

How big of a shop are you?
I am a one man shop. However, I do have a lady that works for me part time to do all of my billing and shipping and some emails. She is very helpful to me...

Why don't you expand to have faster production times?
Because I can't, absolutely can't produce the kind of quality I do with any sort of production steps. Similar well know one-man shops "master" craftsman will tell you the same thing. There are so many guys putting out crappy leather and plastic and If you want mass production cheaper quality or a plastic holster I am not the person you want. I am a perfectionist with my work and will ensure that you receive the finest leather money can buy. If you want the highest level of leather craftsmanship then look no further. I put so much into my work and you will understand the quality, fit and finish, when you receive the product. Often folks buy something off the shelf or cheaper until they receive my custom leather. My holsters are intended to be around even after you are not and function extremely well. I am not saying there aren't decent holsters made in mass production but you do get what you pay for. Please click the link here to view typical quality I create. Leather holster gallery Photo Gallery

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Do I do custom work?
Certainly, it all just depends on what it is. You will need to call me . Each of my products is hand-crafted by me with 20 years of experience. I pride myself on extreme high quality leather work. Some of my products are easier to make than others. Therefore, delivery times are affected by my hand-crafting methods and attention to detail and finishing the final product. The methods I use to create leather holsters, belts and accessories can not be done with mass production and are labor intensive but worth the wait for a quality superior product.

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Do you finish the interior of your holsters?
Yes I do. I spend alot of time finishing the inside of your holster so your gun's finish will not have premature wear. A smooth leather interior is vastly superior and more comfortable than hard plastic.

10. How should my handgun fit my new Brigade holster?
Some of Brigade's holsters feature a tension screw. These types of screw(s) may have to be adjusted to holster your gun the first time. Once holstered you will need to tighten or loosen until the desired tension is achieved. I recommend you check the screws and adjustments before and during each use.
If your holster is still too tight, the natural leather or synthetic fibers need to be stretched. (A break-in period is needed, similar to a new pair of leather shoes.) Holding your unloaded handgun by the grip and pushing it into the holster while pulling the safety strap up with your other hand, will normally allow the handgun to seat in the holster. This may need to be done several times to break-in the holster. If your holster does not have a safety strap, hold the holster body when following the procedure above. Try to snap the safety strap. It may need to be broken-in as well.

11. What type of leather do I use?
Our cowhide holsters use vegetable tanned leather. The benefit of this tannage is that it provides a leather that will not cause your weapon to rust or corrode the way chrome tanned leather can do when the gun is left in it for extended periods of time.

12. Which belt do I recommend?
Don't overlook a good belt. A flimsy belt will not support the weapon and superior holster as well as a quality belt. For medium and large frame handguns I strongly suggest using a 1.5" wide double thickness gun belt to attain the best possible holster support. If you are carrying a small frame gun you can probably get by with a single thickness belt.

13. Are all of your guns that you make holsters for on the lists?
I try to constantly update the lists of guns that I make holsters for. However I sometimes inadvertantly omit some of them. If you don't see your gun model call and just ask me.

14. How long have you been in business?
Since 1995

15. What are your current wait times for holsters?
I am a one man shop and my wait times vary based on simple vs complex orders or smaller vs larger orders. However, my typical wait times are estimated to be over 8 months at the moment for typical orders. I can't be more precise than that right now with the high demand for my quality leather. However, I will send you an email after the order is placed with an more accurate estimate based on your particular order. More complex orders have a longer wait time than just a concealed carry holster and belt. Please call me 888-600-2377 or email me with any questions. Email contact

16. What is my email address? Email contact

17.Do I get an email confirmation and a follow up email back order status?
Yes you will. Please call if you don't receive that. Spam blockers can block some of my emails.

18. My order wait time has passed, have you forgotten me?
I complete as many orders as possible which is how I am able to pay bills... However, I will not rush my work and make crap, so sometimes wait times can be extended for various reasons. I will never forget about your order. I do get overwhelmed with my workload and always strive to do my best to get as many orders done as quickly as possible. However, I am a human being and just like you, I have life's problems, family stuff and sickness from time to time.. Having said, that I will always continue to do my best to build your custom leather as quickly as I can without sacrificing the fine quality you deserve..

Your wait time estimate is based on how many current orders I have at the moment. However, sometimes folks add to their order and change it and that can have an affect on other orders as well. All of my holsters are custom made using techiques that you cannot mass produce..I cannot guarantee the exact time that your order will finish and that is why I give an estimated wait time but no guarantee. I know waiting is frustrating and It is frustrating for me as well. There is not a perfect solution for creating quality in a fast manner.

19. Should I get suede lining on my holster?
I would say it is a personal preference. On some model holsters I do it automatically. I would say that if you want the ultimate interior then go ahead and get it especially on outside waitband holsters. I do a really good job at finishing the interior of the holster so it is nice and smooth and slick. If you are going for concealed carry and ordering the M-11 or other inside waitband design I woud suggest not getting it unless your guns finish is blued. Most modern firearms are finished in a tough gun finish. The inside of the M-11 is especially finished quite well on the inside. See photos here. M-11 Ultimate

20. When do you charge my credit card?
Although you submit your card through my secure site the card you will not actually be charged until the order is under construction.
Troy Harp (Owner)